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Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest

Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest

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Sayulita's Turtle Camp (Campamento Tortuguero) began in 2007 and since then has saved thousands of turtle eggs from poachers.  Poachers will steal the nests and sell the eggs on the black market as an aphrodisiac. Because of this the endangered and threatened sea turtle eggs are in constant danger.

Sayulita's Turtle camp has volunteers that walk the beaches at night looking for turtle nests. These volunteers walk in the dark for hours and can face angry and aggressive poachers.  When a nest is found it is gently collected and brought back to the "campground" and re-buried. Each nest has about 100 eggs. After approximately 45 days the eggs hatch and the baby turtles are released into the ocean in the evening. This protects them from seagulls which they are vulnerable to during the day.  Each year turtle camp rescues between 350 and 500 turtle nests over the season.

When you adopt a turtle nest you are saving lives and supporting endangered and threatened species.  Funds raised through the adopt-a-nest program go into much needed supplies including: incubators, thermometers, turtle tags, sand replacement, headlamps, safety gear, the information booth, the education and outreach programs and more!

Your name or dedication will be placed on a flag and you will receive a photo of your adopted nest when it is brought to turtle camp to incubate.  You will also get a digital certificate of adoption.

(Note: You are not physically adopting a nest of turtle eggs, this is a sponsorship.)

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